How to receive Google Forms responses on WhatsApp?

Install the WhatsTarget addon for Google Forms, configure your WhatsApp number and then share the WhatsTarget form link with your users to receive form responses via WhatsApp.

Install WhatsTarget addon from G Suite marketplace

You can install the WhatsTarget addon using your Gmail or G Suite account. Once the addon is installed, you can click on the addon menu in your Google Forms to access it.

How to configure your WhatsApp number?

Once you have installed the WhatsTarget addon, the first step is to configure your WhatsApp number. You can set up your WhatsApp number using the "Configure WhatsApp Number" option in WhatsTarget addon menu. Please follow the instructions below.

Once you have configured your WhatsApp number, you can test the form by submitting the response yourself or by sharing the link with your friends and asking them to submit a response.